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Tree Stump Grinding Tulsa, OK

Tired of seeing an unsightly stump in your yard? Whether you had a tree removed recently or have a stump that’s been there for a while, hiring a stump grinder to remove it is essential to creating a beautiful landscape. Our RYAN Pros can grind the stump to at least one foot below ground to ensure that the tree does not grow back again. We then fill and cover the area with dirt, planting grass seed over the area if desired.

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The Importance of Stump Grinding


Stump grinding is an important part of landscaping and a must for recently removed trees. Of course, if we complete a tree removal, we would be happy to finish the job by grinding out the stump. However, if you cut down the tree yourself or have an old stump on your property, we encourage you to let us help you. There are several direct benefits to having a professional remove your stump and repair your lawn including:

  • Stop stump sprouting.
  • Avoid accidents and mower damage.
  • Improve overall look of your lawn.
  • Open up space.

The Need For A Stump Grinder Pro in Tulsa


You may be wondering if this is the kind of job you could easily do at home yourself. Unfortunately, the equipment required and the knowledge of how to use it is not so readily available. That’s why hiring experts like Ryan Lawn & Tree is not only the smart choice for your lawn but also your wallet.


We have the equipment that allows us to reach those smaller, hard-to-reach areas in your yard where professional stump removal is more complicated, making us a must-call service for those who can’t DIY. Inexperienced stump grinding attempts can lead to unnecessary damage to your lawn and potentially leave roots that will cause problems later.

Experienced, Trained Arborists Can Help


All Ryan Lawn & Tree certified arborists are trained professionals who are experts in their field and fully capable of handling any job. Whether it’s the initial removal of the tree or the stump grinding process, we are trained to get the job done right while maintaining the safety of your property and our employees.


We require mandatory training, lectures, testing and real-life practical use of the equipment. This allows you the peace of mind you deserve when looking for the right team to handle the job. We know what we are doing and can guarantee a safe stump grinding process.

Trust Us With Your Stump Grinding Needs

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