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Five Tips to Transform Your Yard This Spring

How to take your outdoor living space from ordinary to extraordinary

We’re coming out of a long winter that felt like it would never end, but (we think) spring is finally showing signs of its arrival. With the excitement of warmer weather to come, now is a good time to begin planning your yard and outdoor living space for the year.

Developing a master plan for your yard isn’t always easy. Do you have a hard time seeing the potential and don’t know where to get started? Have you been hesitant to make additions to your yard and landscaping because you fear they might not turn out well?

In an effort to make the process a bit easier, here are five simple tips to help take your outdoor living space to the next level this year.

Weed, Feed, Trim and Mulch.

While you were inside during the winter, trash and debris had the opportunity to build up, spring is the ideal time for some general lawn maintenance. Clean up matted leaf debris around your property, and remove dead weeds from your flower beds, and garden areas.

Next, with the help of Ryan Lawn and Tree experts, look for trees and shrub needing a trim. Make sure no tree limbs are touching or impeding the view of your home, and make sure bushes don’t obstruct walkways.

Once the landscape beds are clear and plants are shaped, determine mulch needs.  Adding mulch around areas of trees, shrubs and plants will also give the yard a fresh, clean look and showcase the offerings in the lawn.

Consult your local lawn care experts at Ryan Lawn and Tree to begin your fertilizer and weed control regime for the lawn.  Spring is the time for pre-emergent to prevent crabgrass, and the first fertilization to aid in greening up the lawn.


Give Existing Features a Clean Facelift.

As the weather warms up, you can begin with efforts such as power washing the house and cleaning the windows.   Clean any hardscape areas, such as sidewalks or patios, that might have become muddy or dirty during the winter.

Create a Landscape Plan.

As you examine these areas, do you notice that your house needs an extra coat of paint or some touch-up in certain areas? A fresh coat of paint goes a long way in improving the curb appeal of your home.

Do you have existing landscaping features you would like to take to the next level? Or would you like to add landscaping features for the first time?

In either event, before you begin installing landscaping elements, it’s a good idea to have a plan in place for what you would like to ultimately accomplish with the landscaping around your home. It certainly doesn’t all have to be done in one big project all this year, and it might even best be done in phases over several years.

Ryan Lawn & Tree experts suggest installing phases of a landscaping plan by areas, such as the front yard, the side yard, and the backyard. Alternatively, you can install specific landscaping features in phases related to the type of work such as excavation, grading and drainage, irrigation, hardscape structures and plantings.

Developing such a multi-year plan might help you from getting overwhelmed from both the amount of work and the cost of the project.

Add Seasonal Interest With Plantings.

As a part of the landscaping plan, consider adding planting beds to your yard with shrubbery, perennials and trees. All of these will increase the aesthetic appeal of the house.

One idea is to add plants and flowers for each season by planting spring bulbs, incorporating summer flowers and adding trees with beautiful fall foliage. For winter interest, plant evergreens. Integrating these features together will ensure there is something eye-catching in the landscape throughout the year.

Adding colorful flowers either in a bed or a planter by the front door always improves curb appeal as well.

Consider Other Permanent Features.

As you further develop your landscaping plan, consider things such as hardscape elements, a water feature, lighting and more. For example, would a stone path around a small pond be workable on your property? If yes, check out pond ideas on a budget. Also check out how the features could really be accented during the evening if you installed an outdoor lighting system?

If you really want to expand your outdoor living capabilities, would you like to eventually build a new deck or add an outdoor kitchen? If you had these features, how would they increase your ability to entertain outdoors?

All of these types of elements will help enhance your outdoor living like never before. Improving your outdoor living space takes some thought, but with a plan in place and some help from Ryan Lawn & Tree experts, it can be easier to implement than you think.

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By Allison Gibeson, Local Writer.

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