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Kansas City Pest, Tree & Plant Care, and Irrigation Services

Your lawn and landscaping are an extension of your home. You want them to look beautiful and make a great first impression on neighbors and visitors. If you’re short on time and can’t maintain a lush yard and gorgeous landscape, turn to the experts at RYAN. With over 35 years of experience, our local crews are passionate about keeping your yard looking great all year.

RYAN is known for our exceptional landscaping and lawn care services ranging from hardscaping and seeding to fertilization and weed control. Our Kansas City experts also specialize in pest control, tree and plant care, and irrigation systems to keep your yard healthy, beautiful, and pest-free!

Pest Control

mosquitos-flying-pest-imageWhat good is a beautiful backyard space if you’re swarmed by annoying bugs every time you try to go out and enjoy it? Nobody wants to spend their family BBQ’s swatting mosquitoes or hoping vermin or ants don’t appear uninvited.

Beyond general annoyance, these critters will damage your lawn, plants, and trees if left untreated. Plus, mosquitoes, ticks, and rats can potentially pose a threat to your family’s health by transmitting the diseases they carry.

That’s where we come in! Let the pros at RYAN take care of all of your pest problems! Our solutions are fast and effective, so you can quickly return to enjoying your property in peace.

PestGuard Bundles

RYAN makes pest control easy with your choice of three different PestGuard Packages:

Each bundle offers year-round protection from more than 50 different unwanted pests and saves you money compared to requesting individual services as needed. You can choose the protection package that’s right for you and your home.

Our pest control packages range from a basic insect and rodent treatment that controls ants, spiders, centipedes, roaches, and mice to a complete home protection program, including mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and moles. Whatever your need, you can rest assured knowing all of our treatments are safe for children, pets, and the environment.

Home Insect Barrier:

With our insect barrier treatment, we apply our product to the perimeter of your residence multiple times a year, targeting the most common insect pests found in the Kansas City area. Our treatments are formulated to control ants, cockroaches, centipedes, millipedes, spiders, crickets, pill bugs, sow bugs, and silverfish.

We also ensure special attention is given to typical entry points like windows and cracks.

Rodent Guard:

One of our trained RYAN experts visits your property to determine your rodent problem, selecting the best method to bait mice, rats, and voles away from your home and keep them out.

Mosquito Guard:

One of our popular services, RYAN’s Mosquito Guard, controls annoying mosquitoes in your yard by treating plants and flowers. We protect your outdoor space before mosquitoes become a significant problem.

Flea & Tick Control:

Eliminate disease-ridden fleas and tickets from your lawn and garden before they become problematic and drive you inside. Granular and liquid treatments are applied multiple times yearly, killing insects for up to 6 weeks to keep your yard safe.

Mole Control:

Stop underground tunnelers from destroying your lawn plants with Mole Control. One of our professional experts will take the time to identify the moles’ main run and apply treatment to reduce the population effectively.

Tree & Plant Care

The health of the trees and plants in your landscaping significantly impacts how your home or business looks. Healthy, well-maintained trees can be a beautiful focal point in your yard, providing a shaded reprieve from the hot summer sun. Functional and ornamental plants can be used to provide privacy from your neighbors. A good landscape design can create a calm, serene outdoor oasis, a perfect relaxation place.

tree-and-shrub-garden-imageRoutine upkeep and care are essential to keeping trees and plants in Kansas City healthy and in beautiful shape. Hiring a professional to tend to your landscaping plants gives you expert service and advice, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your free time.

Our Forestry and Plant Health Care teams are staffed with more than 25 certified arborists to help spot problems like diseases, pest infestations, or plants failing to thrive. We also have a team of rigorously trained tree climbers, trimmers, and tree care specialists to perform routine jobs like tree trimming, pruning, and fertilization.

There’s no doubt that trees can be a great deal of work! Even when established and fully mature, they need care and attention to keep them healthy and thriving. Let the Ryan Lawn & Tree experts take the guesswork and headache out of your tree maintenance.

We’ll put your trees and shrubs on a regimented fertilizer schedule to provide plant-essential nutrients. Whether you need routine pruning to promote health or damaged limbs removed after a storm, our ISA-certified arborists and tree care specialists are trained to safely and efficiently prune and trim trees.

We can also help if you’ve lost a towering beauty in your yard. Dead or damaged trees are a hazard to your property, family, and neighbors. Our arborists remove them safely and efficiently, reducing your liability and minimizing danger. After removal, our service pros are skilled at removing stumps and leveling the ground to make it look like nothing happened.

Plant Health Care

The trees and plants in your yard are at risk of various diseases that can be difficult to diagnose. When you notice signs of concern, such as yellowing leaves, visible pests, or black dots on foliage, you must call in experts quickly to get an accurate diagnosis and treat the problem immediately. Fast action prevents problems from spreading throughout your yard, causing devastating effects.

Ryan Lawn & Tree offers Kansas City and the surrounding areas’ residents various plant health care services. Our team is fully trained and licensed to identify and treat all local disease, insect, and nutrition problems commonly seen across our landscapes. We can quickly spot the symptoms of harmful fungal and bacterial infections, will fertilize to promote healthy growth without deficiencies and know how to identify and control common insect pests.


On average, Kansas City homeowners can expect to see about 36” of rainfall annually. Which seems like plenty, but is in fact slightly lower than the Midwestern average, and surprisingly isn’t quite enough to maintain a healthy, lush lawn and ornamental plants. Especially when our rainfall amounts aren’t steady throughout the season.

To keep your landscaping looking its finest, turn to Ryan Lawn & Tree for all your Kansas City lawn sprinkler and irrigation system needs. Put your trust in our experts to design, install, and maintain your irrigation system so it works without you needing to give it a second thought.

Sprinkler Installation

lawn-sprinklers-spraying-waterIf your home doesn’t have automatic lawn sprinklers, now is a great time to install an irrigation system. Our irrigation pros assess your yard and design a highly-efficient system customized to your landscape.

To save you time, money and water, every lawn irrigation design comes with optimally-positioned sprinklers in different zones, rain sensors to ensure your lawn only gets watered when needed, and easy-to-use system controls that let you manage settings from your garage or a smartphone app.

Sprinkler Maintenance & Repairs

lawn-irrigation-system-maintenance-ryanFrom routine winterization to checking lawn sprinkler head patterns and fixing leaks, RYAN covers your sprinkler maintenance and repairs.

Preventative maintenance is essential to keeping your system running at its best. Our services include manually checking the pressure in all irrigation zones, checking heads for leaks or cracks, and prepping your lawn sprinklers for winter by blowing the water out of the lines to prevent freezing damage.

When you’ve got a malfunctioning control box, poor water pressure or damaged heads, our irrigation technicians can diagnose problems, offer the best solution, and make necessary repairs.

Sprinkler Upgrades

If you’re frustrated with outdated, inefficient sprinklers, a Kansas City RYAN pro can help turn your water-wasting system into a smooth-operating water saver. Common lawn sprinkler upgrades include saving water by adding pressure-regulated heads, adjusting head spacing for even, thorough coverage, and installing additional lines and heads to deliver water to underserved areas.

Let the Pros Help With Your Pest, Tree & Plant Care, and Irrigation Services!

With RYAN’s 35+ years of lawn care experience and knowledge, you know you’re getting the best service possible when you hire us!

Our Kansas City experts are local and bring local knowledge of KC’s native plants, plant diseases and insects to every job, providing area homeowners with high-quality pest management and plant and tree care. Whether you need help getting rid of annoying mosquitoes, trimming overgrown trees, or upgrading your sprinkler system, contact Ryan Lawn & Tree today for a Free Estimate!

As an industry leader, Ryan Lawn & Tree is the company of choice in Kansas City and the surrounding areas to help you with all your pest, tree, and lawn needs!

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