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Have You Checked Out the Latest in Sprinkler Technology?

Improve your system's efficiency by adjusting your sprinkler heads with precision.Sprinkler systems used to just be a method to deliver water to your lawn and landscape – consisting of a connection to a water line, a control panel, water pipes, and sprinkler heads.

But like other technologies, sprinkler technology has advanced over the years to include some pretty spiffy features that improve watering efficiency while also saving water and money.

Take a look at a few of these value-added features below, all of which Ryan Lawn & Tree can add to your current irrigation system (remodeling and upgrading your current system), or as part of your newly installed sprinkler system.

  • Pressure Regulated Heads – When we install new pressure regulated heads in your current or new irrigation system, you can save one gallon of water per minute – meaning a 30% reduction in water bills.
  • Wi-Fi Smart Controller – A wi-fi smart controller automatically adjusts your watering to your local weather conditions. Is your area not getting a lot of rain lately? The smart controller knows this and will water accordingly. Getting a lot of precipitation over the past week? The smart controller will adjust your watering schedule to accommodate this – saving water, and saving you the money that would be involved in watering an already well-watered landscape.
  • Rain Sensors – Ever drive by a home or business in the pouring rain, only to see all of their sprinklers putting out water? This will never happen when we install a rain sensor to your irrigation system. A rain sensor will override your program settings by shutting off during periods of rainfall.

We can adjust your sprinkler system to cover spaces large and small!Ryan Lawn & Tree can also augment your current irrigation system to enhance its efficiency – again, saving you money in terms of lower water bills – by doing the following:

  • Adding & Adjusting Head Spacing – Often, existing sprinkler systems send water to places that no longer need it…or miss areas because the sprinkler heads no longer aim at key areas on the lawn. By adding and adjusting head spacing, even and thorough watering coverage that doesn’t waste water is accomplished – saving between 10% and 30% of water usage.
  • Installing Additional Pipe and Heads to Improve Coverage – Often, this is the best solution for a poorly-designed system that is not delivering water to the areas you need.

Ryan Lawn & Tree’s Irrigation Installation Specialists will remodel and upgrade your current system to include any and all of the features identified above. Ryan Lawn & Tree can also professionally install an entirely new irrigation system. We also provide repair and maintenance of existing systems.  Don’t delay, call or request your estimate today!

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