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What are Smart Controllers? And How Can They Help You Save Water?

Give your grass the water it needs – not too much, not too little.In our last blog post, we let our readers know that July is Smart Irrigation Month. We discussed how Ryan Lawn & Tree practices Smart Irrigation all season long through providing the most efficient irrigation design, installation, and maintenance. We also perform irrigation audits for our customers, in order to help you irrigate your lawn and landscaping as resource-effectively as possible.

In this post, we’ll discuss another way that our customers can save water – by using Smart Controllers.

What are Smart Controllers?

Smart Controllers are irrigation control systems that are connected to your home’s Wi-Fi, permitting you to control your irrigation system from your smartphone.

It’s as simple as this:

  1. In less than 30 minutes, Ryan Lawn & Tree will replace your current irrigation control system with a Smart Controller.
  2. You then download the iOS or Android app.
  3. The app allows you to set up, monitor, and adjust your sprinkler system, from any place at any time.
  4. The app also allows you to set up customized zones in your yard, that take into account such factors as sun exposure, types of soil, and plant and grass types.
  5. The Smart Controller app also contains flexible and fixed watering schedules that are catered to your needs. If you’re spending too much money on watering but still want to maintain your lawn’s vitality, you can use a flexible, customizable schedule. If you’d prefer to just set it and let it do its business, then a fixed schedule can be chosen.

You can do so much with your smartphone; why not control your sprinkler/irrigation system as well?

How Can Smart Controllers Save Water – and Money?

Smart Controllers can be programmed to automatically calculate watering cycles, delivering the right amount of water for the given environmental conditions. As the amount of watering is set according to conditions, the result is minimum runoff and waste of water.

Smart Controllers also check local weather stations to automatically adjust your irrigation schedule. This keeps your irrigation system from delivering water before, during and after rain, thus saving water. By adjusting the amount of water delivered according to weather conditions, the precise amount of water is delivered – not too much, not too little. This results in substantial water and cost savings over an entire season or year.

Smart Controllers – An Affordable Investment

As Smart Controllers are really an investment in saving water, they typically pay for themselves in a relatively short amount of time.

Ryan Lawn & Tree – Smart Irrigation, Smart Controllers

As part of Ryan’s broader water-efficiency strategy discussed in the last post, Smart Controllers play a part in helping our customers achieve complete ‘Smart Irrigation’ status!

Talk to us about Smart Controllers – and other ways Ryan Lawn & Tree’s irrigation systems can work for you!

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