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There’s Nothing Quite Like a Tree Swing!

New sleek designs and styles of tree swings have emerged over the past few years – bringing variety and fun to backyards all over the world! The old ‘Plank-at-the-End-of-Two-Long-Ropes’ – while still a popular design – is no longer the primary option for tree swings. Many new designs are built upon popular items typically used in other recreational activities or are enhanced styles of earlier popular designs.

Here are some great tree swing options popular this year:

  • Skateboard Swings – these lightweight and durable swings are perfect for smaller swing sets and taller trees. The rider sits or stands on a flat skateboard, that is rounded at each end, and is able to attain some great heights or swing lower in a straight line.
  • Surfboard Swings – this swing is considered a bit more daring than the skateboard model (and therefore appealing to older children and adults), with its curved seat and its great range of power and motion. Most models come with handles to support standing swingers, along with 80 feet of double-braided rope, making it perfect for taller trees.
  • Pony Style Swing – these swings are shaped like a small saddle, where the rider straddles the swing and holds on to the mane of the ‘pony’. This swing is very popular with younger children, with most models being appropriate for ages 5-9.
  • Stand-Up Platform Swings – this swing has a sturdy plastic base with two embedded foot molds to keep the swinger’s feet in place, as they stand and swing. As most of these models have a lower weight capacity, these are also popular with children under the age of 12.
  • Spinner Swings – who can ever forget a ride on a spinner swing? Riders end up incredibly dizzy, as they swing and spin at the same time – but also end up with lots of laughs and memories.
  • Flying Saucer Swing – these swings consist of a large flat soft-cloth saucer, that can be suspended from a single strap for spinning action, or 2 straps for back-and-forth swinging action.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? There is nothing like a tree swing to get the kids – and their adults – outside for some fresh air fun!

Make sure your tree is safe to hang a swing on.Regardless of which model best fits your swing preference, there are some basic safeguards that one should follow when hanging a tree swing. Tree swing experts advise adhering to the following standards:

  1. Select the Right Tree Type – Sturdy hardwood trees – such as oak or maple trees – are the best for tree swings. Experts say to avoid fruit trees, evergreen trees, or trees with softer wood that have the tendency to split or splinter easily.
  2. Select the Right Branch Size – Experts say that the branch needs to be horizontal or roughly horizontal to the ground, at least 8” in diameter, and no more than 20’ off the ground. The branch should be a healthy branch, with signs of new or recent growth, free from any large cracks or crevices, and lacking any signs of disease or infestation.
  3. Select the Right Clearance – Experts say that the branch must be large enough so that the swing can be at least 3-5’ from the trunk. When someone is on the swing, the clearance should be sufficient enough to keep the branch from bouncing.
  4. Select the Right Hardware – Corrosion-resistant eye bolts (minimum diameter of ½” recommended) should be used to attach the swing to the branch.

There are other safeguards that need to be observed; check the swing manufacturer’s instructions when installing your tree swing.

The staff at Ryan Lawn & Tree love to see people outdoors enjoying their yards – whether swinging on their awesome tree swings, having a cookout with their neighbors, playing a classic outdoor game, or just sitting and relaxing. It’s one reason why we work so hard to keep our customer’s lawns and landscapes healthy, lush, and beautiful.

We’d love to talk to you more about your yard – or about your tree swing. Are you concerned that your trees aren’t healthy enough for a swing?  Call or request a free estimate today and we will get your trees in tip top shape with our fertilization program.  Have a model or design that we didn’t discuss here? Let us know in the comments below so we can add it to our blog. Keep swinging and smiling!

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