• Tree and Shrub Care

    Tree, Shrub and Pruning Services

    With more than 25 ISA Certified Arborists on staff at Ryan Lawn & Tree, you can rest assured that your trees will be pruned the right way the first time. We follow the latest tree trimming techniques and best practices in the industry, and we will never suggest pruning that will harm your trees or shrubs. Contact us today to learn more about how we stand out among tree service companies.

    Pruning And Tree Cutting Services

    Large Tree Pruning & Tree Removal: We can remove weak, dead or low limbs, enhance shape and limb structure, and thin rubbing or crossing branches. Pruning for structure is especially important on new or young trees.

    Shrub Pruning: We can prune your shrubs to maintain size or shape, promote flowering, or minimize disease occurrence. In addition, we can create an annual pruning program that will allow our Ryan Pros to prune each of your shrubs at the optimal time of year based on blooming and growth cycles.

    Stump Removal: Whether you have an apple, pine, oak, maple or other type of tree, we will grind out the stump left behind from tree and shrub removals. We’ll send out a certified arborist to perform the job, and our stump grinding will leave the top of the stump 10 to 12 inches below the surface.

    Ryan’s Country Mulch: Our country mulch is a cost-effective mulch that is a byproduct of our pruning department’s operations. It is a nice uniform chip and can be used in many different areas around your landscape. Call for more details.

    We do not use climbing spikes when pruning live trees. Please call for insurance information.

    Insect and Disease Control

    We’ll provide you with a certified arborist who knows your trees and their species-specific problems. Our professional tree service programs will keep your plants healthy all year long. We are honest and will tell you when a plant is not worth saving. Sometimes treatment is throwing money away.

    Our local tree disease and insect control offerings

    • Ash: Emerald Ash Borer has reached the Midwest. We offer preventive treatments to help save your ash tree from this pesky borer.
    • Crabapples and Hawthorns: With our fruit tree care services, we can keep leaves green and healthy all year long and prevent crabapple tree diseases. No more raking leaves in August! Three applications per season.
    • Pine: Brown needles on pines are usually not normal. We can keep your evergreens healthy and thriving. Two to three applications per season.
    • Oak: Pale, yellow leaves and early leaf drop are the result of a nutrient deficiency. We can restore iron to your tree to restore its health.

    Our local tree service can protect your plants from bagworms, sawflies, mites, aphids, scale, lacebugs, webworms, and borers. Also, new trees benefit from root fertilization. Fertilization helps damaged or stressed plants rebound and heal.