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Experienced & Certified Omaha Arborists

For more than 30 years, we have been maintaining tree branches, shrubs and plants. At Ryan Lawn & Tree, we’ve got more than 25 certified arborists to help locate diseases and take proactive steps to prevent them from returning. We also have a team of tree climbers, trimmers and Omaha tree service & removal specialists, who go through regular training to stay at the top of their game and keep a safe workplace.

Winter Tree Care

If not protected from the elements during the winter months, stress or hibernating animals can cause significant damage on trees, especially newly planted or young trees. Ice buildup can lead to drooping branches that may break under the weight of the snow. This is why it’s important to prune and even mulch to increase winter soil temperature. We will evaluate every tree on your property to determine what type of protection from things like salt, excess snow and animals your trees need to ensure a healthy cycle once we reach the spring and summer months.

Top-Rated Tree Trimming, Tree Removal & Tree Care In Douglas County, NE

Ignoring your trees and plants can destroy the beauty and shade that surround your house. The professionals at Ryan Lawn & Tree have been caring for trees, shrubs and plants in Omaha, NE for 30-plus years now. We do this by studying local diseases and insects and then finding the best fertilizer applications to treat them.

Omaha, NE

Give Ryan Lawn & Take back control of your trees by hiring local RYAN Pros to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and well-trimmed. Call at (402) 738-1718 or schedule a free quote if you are in need of tree removal, plant health or tree care in Omaha, NE.



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Our Ryan Lawn & Tree branch location in Omaha, NE allows us to better serve our neighbors throughout the surrounding area.

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