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Keep Moles From Ruining Your Lawn

Moles are high energy insectivores that can quickly tunnel through your yard and cause an array of problems. Their constant, year-round burrowing disturbs plant roots and can turn your beautiful green grass into a definite eyesore.
If you are seeing brown grassless streaks or volcano-shaped dirt mounds throughout your Omaha lawn, you may have a mole infestation and need professional mole control services.

Mole Control in Omaha, NE

Moles are yet another pest that many property owners battle every year. They are known to damage not only turf areas, but also landscape beds as they tunnel through the soil in search of food. The first step in taking control of a mole problem is to be sure that it is in fact moles that are causing damage and not another burrowing or surface damaging critter, such as voles.
Moles create bulging tunnels that meander about the affected area. Often, their tunnels will travel straight for at least 3 feet. Moles use these “runs” in search of earthworms, grubs, ants, or any other sub-surface insect that will satisfy its diet.

Mole Holes in Your Omaha Home’s Yard?

There are many treatments touted to solve mole problems. One option is to remove their food source with insecticides. While this certainly reduces the risk of mole infestation in the long-term, it will actually cause a brief period in which moles tunnel more aggressively as they hunt for food that is now more limited.
We offer two effective methods of mole control: Baiting and Trapping. When baiting, we place poisoned worms into the tunnels below where the are discovered and consumed by moles. While usually effective, the results of baiting are dead moles which remain underground so it is often difficult to know when the problem has been controlled. Trapping is the best option to ensure your mole problems get gone. It is the only method that produces physical evidence that your mole is dead.

Our Mole Reduction Program in Omaha, NE

Moles are elusive in nature, rendering most traps you can buy at big-box stores ineffective. But RYAN’s Mole Reduction Program available in the Omaha, NE area is a proven method to significantly reduce the mole population on your property.
Your RYAN Pro will identify the main mole run and place material specifically designed to eliminate moles. There is a possibility that more visits for local mole control and mole reduction will be needed throughout the year, as other moles may enter your lawn.

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