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The change of seasons can have a profound impact on your landscaping and the health of your lawn. Excess debris, leaf litter, and other organic materials that aren’t dealt with in a timely manner can be more than just unsightly. These materials can cause dead spots in your turf, impact soil chemistry, promote diseases with your trees and other plants.

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Spring Landscape Clean-up and Mulch

Spring is the time for new beginnings—the color returns to our landscape as flowers begin to bloom, the grass greens, and leaves return to the trees. At the same time, the harshness of winter and potential lapses in fall preparation can linger into this season of rejuvenation.
Partially rotted leaves, fallen twigs, and matted grass recently hidden by snow cover are revealed. Mulch has been completely drained of its color and the ornamental grasses left standing through the winter have served their purpose. While none of these are aesthetically pleasing, many of these winter remnants can lead to more problems as the heat of summer approaches.
RYAN offers many solutions to alleviate these problems including:

  • Clearing away organic debris like old leaves, branches, and other litter
  • Turf Aeration to relieve soil compaction
  • Reseeding bare spots and thinned areas of grass
  • Remulching of landscape beds
  • Re-edging of natural bed edges
  • Cleaning flower beds and clearing garden spaces
  • Pruning and trimming trees and shrubs for ideal summer growth
  • Planting replacement plants and annual flowers

Fall Clean-up and Winter Preperation

Autumn marks the last time of the year when outdoor activities can be enjoyed without the threat of sub-zero temperatures. From Labor Day to Thanksgiving, we delight in fire pits and football, friends, family, and maybe most of all, the brilliant display of foliage Mother Nature bestows upon us.
While relishing in the splendors of fall, it’s important to realize that there is still some outdoor work to be done. As tree leaves change from green to red, yellow, orange, and finally brown, they fall to the ground, littering turf and landscape beds alike. Much the same, landscape plants begin their descent into winter’s dormancy period—shrubs shed their leaves, perennials wilt to the ground, and once colorful annuals shrink with colder temperatures setting in. Tending to these last fall to-do items is essential to not only ensuring your property looks tidy through the winter, but also prime to bounce back strong when spring rolls around.
RYAN’s fall clean-up services include:

  • Raking and mulching leaves to avoid winter rot
  • Protecting perennial plants, trees, and flowers from frigid temps
  • Late-season weeding to maintain tidy appearance
  • Fertilizing lawn and softscape plants to sustain them through winter
  • Pruning trees and shrubs to ensure productive spring growth
  • Cutting back perennials to remove dead leaves and spent flowers
  • Replacing summer annuals with fall selections for seasonal interest
  • Winterizing water features
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