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RYAN provides a custom lawn fertilizing program that will keep your grass looking lush and thick, as well as disease and weed free.

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Professional Omaha Lawn Fertilization Services

Each lawn has its own unique characteristics and needs — nutrient levels, water requirements, and sunlight — to name a few. These factors evolve over time and can even vary as our seasons change. RYAN has a team of highly trained and experienced lawn care technicians who can quickly assess your lawn’s needs and present you with effective solutions for maintaining healthy turf.


Most lawns benefit from a year-round fertilization strategy. Grass and other plants often need different nutrients depending on the time of year. In spring, as they emerge from dormancy, nutrients that promote strong, healthy growth are most important. Later in the year as winter approaches, it’s key that turf and plants have the right amount of nutrients to sustain them through our coldest months. In many cases, augmenting the soil’s nutrient profile or making minor changes to the soil chemistry can help improve current conditions and long-term results.
RYAN provides the most reliable and effective lawn fertilization Omaha, NE has to offer. Our customers rely on us to deliver a well-presented, healthy lawn and an outdoor area that they are proud of. Our lawn fertilization crew handles all of our services in a professional manner with great results. Consider us Omaha’s lawn fertilization experts who strive to keep Omaha green and healthy, one lawn at a time.

High Quality Lawn Care Products

We offer many options when it comes to the care of your lawn. From traditional nutrient treatments, to an all-organic option, we have the lawn care solutions that are right for you and your family.
Taking control of weeds can be a daunting task. The best defense is a thick, healthy lawn. Feeding your lawn with high-grade fertilizer and water, as well as, regularly aerating your lawn are great proactive ways to maintain a healthy lawn.

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