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Holiday Lighting Omaha, NE

Holiday lights decorating your house, garage, trees, and other landscaping features can help put everyone in a festive mood. Indeed, many homeowners are attracted to holiday lighting, and there are even people who will travel around to stare in awe at homes that have gone the extra mile to create a holiday spectacle!

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Expert Holiday Light Hanging

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Of course, hanging your own lights can be a little tricky, if not downright dangerous! Snow and ice in the yard, some strong winds here and there and a ladder that looks a little bit shaky can only add to the hassle of trying to unsnarl a string of holiday lights.

Fortunately, RYAN has a team of experienced professionals who have spent years hanging holiday decorations, as well as helping people prepare their home and yard for the holiday season. As much or as little as necessary, we can also incorporate your holiday light design with our affordable accent lighting options.

Wide-Range Of Holiday Displays

Our specialists and installers can work directly with you to capture your vision for your holiday display while helping you understand your wide range of options. We can hang them up and install all the proper features, while you stay inside, toasty warm and safe.

End-Of-Holiday Take Down

Installation is only half of the process. Even the most durable holiday lights can be vulnerable to the often-capricious weather of late winter, and January is not a fun time to be standing on a ladder lamenting holiday lights that need to be saved from ice and snow. At the same time, no one wants to be “That House” who has a ragged string of holiday lights blowing around and dangling from the roof line in May!

RYAN’s technicians take care of these hassles and hazards for you. Our technicians will come by, carefully uninstall the lights and pack them away neatly for the next year.

Omaha, NE

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