Omaha Irrigation Upgrades

Are you wasting money with an inefficient irrigation system? Are your sprinkler heads missing portions of your property? Turn to RYAN Lawn & Tree to update and upgrade your irrigation system so that it runs efficiently and fully covers your lawn.

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Hydrawise Pro-HC Controller & Flow Meter

Wi-Fi enabled for convenient system operation and management from anywhere using a web browser, Apple or Android app.

Proactively makes watering adjustments based on local weather data including predicted temperature, rainfall probability, wind speed and humidity to ensure maximum water savings and conservation.

Alerts the user of wiring or power issues within the valves and controllers, enabling faster detection and resolution.

Monitors the irrigation piping and heads to detect and notify users of unwanted water use, helping to prevent property damage.

Wireless Rain-Clik Rain Sensor

Communicates directly with Hydrawise Pro-HC Controller to automatically turn system off when unexpected rainfall occurs.

PGP Ultra Rotors 4” Rise & Pro Spray PRS40 head with MP Rotator Nozzles 6” Rise.

6” rise sprays to provide proper coverage for all turf types and blade heights.

Equipped with check valves to eliminate water runoff from heads at the low point of the property.

Pressure regulated stem installed to control pressure flow through MP nozzles, achieve optimal distribution and save water.

MP nozzles to provide automatic match precipitation rates in both rotor and spray heads and gradual, uniform irrigation for ideal absorption in all soil types.

Tree, Plant, and Shrub Sprinkler Upgrade

Most sprinkler systems are designed specifically to provide your turf with the proper amount of water it requires — not your trees, shrubs, and perennial plants. Depending on their root systems, some plants gather water closer to the surface while others look much deeper in the soil to quench their thirst. It is important to understand these varying needs to deliver the proper amount of water in the right places for your ornamental plants to thrive.

RYAN not only understands custom zoning based on plant needs (it’s standard on the systems we install), but also the importance of new technologies that provide more effective and efficient watering solutions. We can renovate your existing sprinkler system to include these features and ensure that your trees, shrubs, and perennials are receiving what they need.

Omaha, NE

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