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Upgrade Your Sprinkler Heads to Evenly Water Your Lawn

Our irrigation technicians will replace and/or calibrate your sprinkler heads for peak performance.As we come to the end of Smart Irrigation Month today, we at Ryan Lawn & Tree would like to provide one more tip for saving water and to encourage ‘Smart Irrigation’: upgrade your irrigation system’s sprinkler heads to save water and money.

Over time, even the best sprinkler heads degrade in terms of the spray pattern that they put out. Sprinkler heads get clogged, they rust, they can get filled with dirt and other debris – all which affects their performance and specifically, their responsiveness to pressure simply becomes less consistent over time. This results in the sprinkler head distributing an uneven amount of water over your lawn.

Multiply this by having several sprinkler heads in your system that are not functioning properly – that are distributing water unevenly – and you end up with a lot of wasted water (and money) over a season.

Get an Irrigation Audit from Ryan Lawn & Tree

Ryan Lawn & Tree will perform an Irrigation Audit on your system that will measure the effectiveness of your sprinkler heads – particularly looking for even spray distribution across all your sprinkler heads.
Don't water your walkways! Our irrigations can calibrate your sprinkler heads for precise coverage on your lawn, even in corners!

Upgrading Your Sprinkler Heads – As Easy as 1, 2, Save!

Our irrigation installation experts will replace all your faulty sprinkler heads, installing upgraded sprinkler heads that distribute water more efficiently – with less leaking and no clogging.

Typically we replace multiple heads at one time – often all the heads in your entire system at one time. We also calibrate each of the heads to distribute the perfect amount of water for the location of the heads. Drier, sunnier areas – more water; shady, damp areas – less water.

The result? You get a system that is properly calibrated, with sprinkler heads running as efficiently as possible.

Talk to one of our irrigation experts today about your irrigation system. We will discover ways to get your system running optimally – and save you money while encouraging an even watering of your lawn and landscape.

At Ryan Lawn & Tree – We’re Serious about Smart Irrigation

At Ryan Lawn & Tree, we know that water is one of our most valuable resources. We are serious about trying to help our customers save water – and money in reduced water bills.

We support the efforts of Smart Irrigation month – encouraging our customers all season long with Smart Irrigation practices and tips.

And again, happy Smart Irrigation month!

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