Tree Services

Tree trimming, tree removal, and stump grinding are just a few of the tree services Ryan Lawn & Tree provides.

Ryan Lawn & Tree has more than 25 ISA Certified Arborists on staff to ensure that all of our tree services provide maximum benefit to your trees.

Tree Services

Our Certified Arborists oversee all of our tree service operations, employing only industry best practices in all services.

Your Ryan Tree Professionals provide each of these services:

  1. Tree Pruning
  2. Tree Removal
  3. Tree & Shrub Installation
  4. Stump Grinding
  5. Tree Cabling
  6. Emergency Tree Services

Tree Pruning

Do you have a tree that has become overgrown, such that it is extending over your roof or killing the lawn underneath the tree? In addition to being a danger to your home, branches over your roof can lead to squirrels and other animals getting on to the roof of your house. Shaded areas of your roof also get moss covered, which in turn leads to roof damage.

Precise tree trimming is the answer. Your Ryan Tree Pros will remove branches that extend over your home – or that are prohibiting the growth of a healthy lawn underneath it.

Ryan Lawn & Tree offers tree trimming services for those trees whose branches have become dangerous or out of control.

Tree Removal

Have a tree that has become so overgrown that it has become a nuisance or worse, a liability to your home or property?

Our trained tree removal specialists will safely remove trees from your yard that have become a nuisance or liability.

For larger tree removals, we employ the use of a crane to safely cut off bigger branches, while also using a bucket to handle smaller trees or smaller portions of the tree.

We also utilize climbers to prep the tree for full removal.

When the tree is down, we safely remove or chip all parts of tree, leaving your property clean and in great shape after the job is done.

Tree & Shrub Installation

No matter which species of tree you choose, our Arborists will professionally install your tree in such a way as to promote the health and long-term growth of your tree.

Your Ryan Tree Pro will also plant shrubs in the same professional manner as trees.

We can also advise you on which tree or shrub species would be the ideal choice for your property.

Looking for the perfect tree or shrubs to complement your home and landscape? Let Ryan Lawn & Tree help you choose and install the perfect trees and shrubs for your property!

Stump Grinding

Once your tree is removed, we grind the stump to at least one foot below ground, to insure that the tree does not grow back again. We then fill and cover the area with dirt, planting grass seed over the area if desired.

Our equipment includes some smaller types of grinders, so we are able to reach those smaller, harder-to-reach areas in your yard where stump removal is more difficult.

After you've had a tree cut down, Ryan Lawn & Tree will take care of the stump removal so you can grow new grass where the tree used to be.

Tree Cabling

Whether it’s a newly planted tree or one you’ve had on your property for a while, some trees require extra support.

If this is the case, your Ryan Tree Pros will provide expert tree cabling services. This will ensure maximum support to the tree while doing no damage to the trunk or branches of the tree.

Emergency Services & Insurance Work

After a storm, we provide emergency services, working with your insurance company to get your property back in order.

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