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Are There Health Benefits to Living in a Greener Area?

At Ryan Lawn & Tree, it is pretty clear that we love trees! We also see the great value that trees can offer a homeowner – from the beauty trees add to your home,Researchers state that reduced air & noise pollution could be contributing factors. to the shade they provide, to the environmental value that they bring – trees are awesome!

So it is with great interest that we read of a recent report that shows that many health benefits are derived from living in a greener, tree-lined neighborhood.

The study out of the University of New Brunswick studied the effect of greenery on inhabitants in 30 large cities in Canada over an 11 year period. Using satellite data and postal codes, they measured the amount of greenery from trees, shrubs, grass and other plants within 250 meters of the subject’s homes.

The study found that as the amount of greenery increased, the people’s risk of premature death from natural causes decreased significantly.

In the study, overall mortality rates decreased in areas with more greenery.

Trees Are the Key

Surprisingly, the study also showed that the increased greenery did not need to come from parks or open areas. Rather, the determining factor is just in having trees around the subject’s homes that seems to contribute most to the reduced mortality rate.

Ideas as to Why?

While the findings of this study support the notion that trees, plants and open green areas contribute to the health of a community, the exact reasons can’t be determined. The researchers suggested that

Trees in a subject's neighborhood are proven to decrease motality rates.

The study also showed that the positive effects of increased greenery seemed to be more profound for middle-aged people, for people with higher incomes, and for men. Researchers aren’t sure why this is the case.

the reduced amount of air and noise pollution may be a contributing factor.

Trees are Awesome!

While we are amazed at things that trees can do for you, the tree professionals at Ryan Lawn & Tree are committed to working with trees, caring for them, and nourishing them to help them grow.

We understand the value that healthy trees can bring to your health. We also are acutely aware that trees are to be respected – treated with the utmost care.

We provide these comprehensive services to our customers:

If you have any questions or concerns about your trees – give us a call today to learn ways we can help you enhance the investment you have in your trees.

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