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Larry Ryan formed Ryan Lawn & Tree in 1987 as a company with a high standard in lawn care and customer service. As a Ryan Lawn & Tree customer, you will be partnered with a Ryan Pro who will work with you to create the beautiful lawn you have always wanted.

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We provide numerous lawn and tree care services to residents of St. Louis and the surrounding area.

We help residents with lawn care, tree and shrub maintenance, shrub pruning services. Our additional services include seeding, Emerald Ash Borer prevention, perimeter pest control and Mosquito control.

Lawn care

The same Ryan Pro lawn expert will visit your property for every service and make suggestions that benefit your lawn, so it becomes more beautiful with each visit. We provide many lawn care services, including spring fertilization and summer weed control treatments, to ensure your lawn remains healthy throughout the year. Read more.

Tree Pruning & Removal

We have over 25 ISA Certified Arborists on staff who are highly trained and educated to handle any job. Whether the task is to remove a tree completely or prune one that is overgrown, you can have peace of mind knowing that your trees are being cared for by professionals. You can find out more information about the different tree services we offer here. Read more.

Tree & Shrub Care

Your Ryan Pro is well versed in the prevention of insects such as bagworms, sawflies, mites, borers, etc. We will work with you to maintain the health of your trees and shrubs. We can also have arborists on staff who can help make sure your trees and shrubs are properly pruned, to keep your landscape healthy and looking tidy. Read more.

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

Emerald Ash Borer was recently discovered in St. Louis. We can protect your ash trees from damage with our EAB treatment plans. We can stop EAB before larvae have had a chance to bore throughout the trunk. Read more.

Mosquito Guard

This new Mosquito Guard program is a service that provides a barrier around your home against potential disease harboring mosquitoes. The number of applications applied depends on the severity of the mosquito population around your home. Each treatment is guaranteed to last four weeks and can be scheduled for up to seven applications during the year. Read more.


Our company is employee-owned, meaning every Ryan Pro and staff member is a partner. We hire only the best to ensure quality in customer service to you and your lawn.

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